Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Conference 3

Language in use: linguistic and pedagogical perspectives

The Białystok-Kiev series of conferences on theoretical and applied linguistics, co-organized by the University of Białystok and the Borys Grinchenko Kiev University, was launched in 2017. The main goal of the initiative is to make a significant contribution to the study of language in connection with the realm of the constant changes occurring in today’s world. The organizers’ aim is to focus on various dimensions of linguistics as related to a large number of disciplines within the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts.

The conference is intended as a platform for scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, particularly in relation to various research areas connected with language, including cognitive linguistics, socio- and psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, cultural linguistics, contrastive linguistics, translation studies, language acquisition and learning, philosophy of language, and philosophy of translation. The conference sets out to explore both empirical and theoretical findings in linguistic research, as well as their pedagogical usefulness.

The special theme of the conference this year, Language in Use: Linguistic and Pedagogical Perspectives, aims to focus the attention of all scholars interested in language on its communicative meaning and the scope of its nature. Our aim is to concentrate, inter alia, on how meaning is constructed in different types of discourse, how the context influences language use, how language might be influenced by human cognition, and how it all relates to the shaping of human identity. We would also like to concentrate on the extent to which the context in which language is used might exert an impact on natural language processing, language understanding and language interpretation.

Selected papers will be published in Crossroads. A Journal of English Studies, a ranked journal linked to the Faculty of Philology, University of Białystok.


  • Prof. Ken Hyland, University of East Anglia (UK)
  • Prof. Eva Ogiermann, King’s College London (UK)
  • Prof. Marta Dynel, University of Lodz (Poland)


  • Deadline for the submission of abstracts (200-300 words without references): 15 August 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: 31 August 2019
  • Payment: 31 October 2019
  • Conference: 5-6 December 2019


  • Prof. Elżbieta Awramiuk (University of Białystok, Poland)
  • Prof. Isabella Buniyatova (BGKU, Ukraine)
  • Dr. phil. Larisa Cercel (Universität Leipzig, Germany)
  • Prof. Anna Harbig (University of Białystok, Poland)
  • Prof. Krzysztof Hejwowski (University of Warsaw, Poland)
  • Prof. Jarosław Krajka (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland)
  • Prof. Bogusław Nowowiejski (University of Białystok, Poland)
  • Prof. Piotr Stalmaszczyk (University of Lodz, Poland)
  • Dr. phil. Radegundis Stolze (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Prof. Irena Szczepankowska (University of Białystok, Poland)
  • Prof. Grzegorz Szpila (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland)


  • Agata Rozumko – Chair
  • Daniel Karczewski
  • Ewa Lewicka-Mroczek
  • Beata Piecychna
  • Dorota Szymaniuk
  • Edyta Wajda
  • Aleksandra Bartczak-Meszyńska
  • Paweł Dziedziul (webmaster)